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The Wiley Handbook of Contextual Behavioral Science

The Wiley Handbook of Contextual Behavioral Science - Free Ebook Download

Book Detail

Author/Editor(s): Robert D. Zettle, Steven C. Hayes, Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Anthony Biglan
Publication Date: January 19, 2016
ISBN-10: 111848956X
ISBN-13: 978-1118489567
Language: English
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Size: 4.34 MB
Format: pdf

Book Description

The Wiley Handbook of Contextual Behavioral Science is the first comprehensive examination of the philosophy, basic science, applied science, and applications of Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS), describing the philosophical and empirical foundation of the movement.

The handbook is organized into four sections, offering extensive breadth and depth. Section One provides an overview of the defining features and current status of CBS. The development of relational frame theory (RFT) as a functional contextualistic account of human language and cognition and its implications for education and alleviating human suffering are addressed in Section Two. Section Three more specifically focuses on contextual approaches to clinical interventions and assessment, their distinguishing characteristics, and relationship to RFT. The extension of contextual strategies to the improvement of larger social systems, such as workplaces, schools, communities, and even entire societies, in supporting human functioning and well-being are the focus of Section Four. Organized and written in such a way that it can be read in its entirety or on a section-by-section basis, the text provides a thorough grounding for students in this comprehensive approach.

About the Author

Robert D. Zettle is Professor of Psychology at Wichita State University, USA. He serves on the editorial board of several journals including Behavior Modification, International Journal of Behavioral Consultation & Therapy and The Psychological Record. Professor Zettle has contributed many chapters to various books, and is the author of ACT for Depression (2007).

Steven C. Hayes is Nevada Foundation Professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Nevada, USA. An author of 36 books including the best selling Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life (2005), his research demonstrates how language and thought leads to human suffering. He developed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Relational Frame Theory, a contextual approach to language and cognition. Dr. Hayes has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy.

Dermot Barnes-Holmes is foundation Professor of Psychology at the National University of Ireland Maynooth, and is known for the analysis of human language and cognition through the development of Relational Frame Theory with Steven C. Hayes, and its application in various psychological settings. Professor Barnes-Holmes has published over 250 scientific articles, chapters and books.

Tony Biglan is Professor of Psychology and Director at the Center for Prevention of Problems in Early Adolescence at Oregon Research Institute, USA. His research over the past 30 years has helped to identify effective family, school, and community interventions to prevent the most common and costly problems of childhood and adolescence.
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