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An Introduction to Mathematical Epidemiology (Texts in Applied Mathematics)

An Introduction to Mathematical Epidemiology (Texts in Applied Mathematics) - Free Ebook Download

Book Detail

Author/Editor(s): Maia Martcheva
Publication Date: October 21, 2015
ISBN-10: 1489976116
ISBN-13: 978-1489976116
Language: English
Edition: 1
Publisher: Springer
Size: 4.90 MB
Format: pdf

Book Description

The book is a comprehensive, self-contained introduction to the mathematical modeling and analysis of infectious diseases. It includes model building, fitting to data, local and global analysis techniques. Various types of deterministic dynamical models are considered: ordinary differential equation models, delay-differential equation models, difference equation models, age-structured PDE models and diffusion models. It includes various techniques for the computation of the basic reproduction number as well as approaches to the epidemiological interpretation of the reproduction number. MATLAB code is included to facilitate the data fitting and the simulation with age-structured models.

About the Author

Maia Martcheva is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Florida, USA. Her areas of interest and research include: epidemic models of multi-strain interactions, spatial epidemic modeling, immunological modeling, and immune-epidemiological modeling.
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