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Educational Psychology (Topics in Applied Psychology)

Educational Psychology (Topics in Applied Psychology) - Free Ebook Download

Book Detail

Author/Editor(s): Tony Cline, Anthea Gulliford, Susan Birch
Publication Date: April 3, 2015
ISBN-10: 184872330X
ISBN-13: 978-1848723306
Language: English
Edition: 2
Publisher: Routledge
Size: 1.32 MB
Format: pdf

Book Description

Educational Psychology, Second Edition offers a comprehensive overview of how key advances in social, developmental and cognitive psychology impact upon the role of educational psychologists working today. Written by leading researchers, the book also explores controversies and dilemmas in both research and practice, providing students with a balanced and cutting-edge introduction to both the field and the profession.

Fully revised throughout, the new edition is written to encourage students to integrate their understanding of core psychological disciplines, as well as to consider what ‘evidence-based practice’ really means. Organized into two broad sections related to learning and behaviour, the book features a selection of vignettes from educational psychologists working in a range of contexts, as well as tasks and scenarios to support a problem-orientated approach to study.

By integrating both research and everyday practice, the book is unique in engaging a critical appreciation of both the possibilities and limitations of educational psychology. It is the ideal book for any student wishing to engage with this important and evolving field of study.

About the Author

Tony Cline is Co-Director of the CPD Doctorate in Educational Psychology at University College London, UK.

Anthea Gulliford is DAEP Joint Programme Director in the School of Psychology at the University of Nottingham, UK, and Senior Educational Psychologist in Nottingham City, UK.

Susan Birch is Co-Director of the CPD Doctorate in Educational Psychology, University College London and Senior Educational Psychologist in Buckinghamshire, UK.


Educational Psychology (2nd Edition) is an invaluable resource for the field. Written in an engaging and accessible manner, it offers a perfect balance between academic rigour and professional insight throughout. The book explores a rich and diverse range of topics that will be of interest to anyone working at the intersection of psychology and education. An essential text.

--Neil Humphrey, Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester, UK
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