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Healthcare Safety for Nursing Personnel: An Organizational Guide to Achieving Results

Healthcare Safety for Nursing Personnel: An Organizational Guide to Achieving Results - Free Ebook Download

Book Detail

Author/Editor(s): James T. Tweedy
Publication Date: December 15, 2014
ISBN-10: 1482230275
ISBN-13: 978-1482230277
Language: English
Edition: 1
Publisher: CRC Press
Size: 3.57 MB
Format: pdf

Book Description

Nursing personnel play an integral role in healthcare and medical delivery organizations. Nurses not only work to keep patients safe, but must also contend with a number of safety and health risks. Illustrating the occupational risks nurses face, Healthcare Safety for Nursing Personnel: An Organizational Guide to Achieving Results addresses healthcare safety as related to nursing personnel risks, hazards, and responsibilities in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The book begins with an introduction to nursing safety that supplies a fundamental understanding of patient, nursing, and facility safety. Next, it delves into the range of safety issues that nurses must contend with. Topics covered include administrative area safety, bloodborne pathogens, workplace violence, infection control and prevention, emergency management, fire safety, and radiation hazards.

Examining the concepts and principles of patient safety as related to organizational dynamics, culture, system methods, and key patient safety initiatives, the book supplies essential knowledge of healthcare safety risks, challenges, and controls. It includes information on leadership, management, communication skills, and understanding accidents.

The book includes helpful resources in the appendices, such as a nurse safety perception survey, an accident causal factor chart, sample ergonomics symptoms report, sample TB exposure control plan, and a model respirator plan for small organizations. Complete with review exercises in each chapter, this book is ideal for certification training in nursing programs and as a reference for developing nursing in-service safety sessions.

About the Author

James (Jim) Tweedy has served as the Executive Director for the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers (IBFCSM), which is also known as the Board of Certified Hazard Control Management (BCHCM), since 2007. IBFCSM was founded in 1976 and offers the following personal credentials: Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP), Certified Patient Safety Officer (CPSO), Certified Hazard Control Manager (CHCM), Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP), Certified Product Safety Manager (CPSM), and Certified Hazard Control Manager-Security (CHCM-SEC).

Jim founded TLC Services, a healthcare, hazard control, organizational performance, and educational consulting organization, in 1996. He has more than 25 years of experience with expertise in the areas of credentialing, hazard control, healthcare safety, leadership and team development, education, and compliance. He holds an MS in Safety Management from Central Missouri University and a BS in Liberal Studies from Excelsior College. He holds Master Level designations as a CHCM, CPSO, CPSM, CHSP, and CHEP. He also holds a Professional Membership in the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and is a member of the American Society of Healthcare Engineering (ASHE).

Jim is a polished speaker who presents safety-related topics at seminars, conferences, and in the workplace. He taught more than six years at the college level and is an experienced curriculum developer. He has developed and presented original training programs at locations in more than 40 states. He is a recognized leader in the area of healthcare safety and hazard control management. You may contact Jim at IBFCSM, 173 Tucker Road, Suite 202, P.O. Box 515, Helena, AL 35080. The Board phone number is 205-664-8412 and the website can be accessed at www.ibfcsm.org. You may email the Board at info@ibfcsm.org.
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